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ICV Update - May 30, 2012







International Cruise Victims (ICV) is an international organization with members throughout the world, currently represented by over 20 countries.  Under the ICV International News Section, many stories will be found in the original language. Google can be used to translate many of these articles into English or whatever you use.






















SAMMAMISH, WASHINGTON – The International Cruise Victims Association, Inc. (ICV), a not-for-profit corporation formed by victims and families of victims of cruise crimes, which has been the voice promoting safety on cruise ships, announces that they are pleased to have been invited to attend the worldwide meeting of The World Society of Victimology last week in the Hague. Victims Support of the UK and EU plus the World Society of Victimology have joined with ICV to support our efforts to advocate for the rights of victims of crimes on cruise ships.


This forum provided ICV with the unique opportunity to inform and connect with members of these organizations throughout the world. In addition, ICV was asked to present a panel symposium on May 21, 2012, concerning the issue of crimes on cruise ships and the lack of victims’ rights as compared to crimes on land. Once again, and now on a global level, we are reminded that this is an issue so many people have never thought about.




The theme of this worldwide conference was centered around that the fact that victims’ rights are due all citizens of the world. If there existed a country in the world where citizens were subject to all types of crimes and disappearances and no police, there would be global concern. In fact, ICV believes this is the world that cruise passengers enter when they step onto ships flagged in countries that take no action when crimes occur and offer little hope for justice given that very few convictions ever occur. The ICV goal is to change that environment.


This trip to Europe also started the process of informing government officials of the need to protect victims which was accomplished through a series of meetings in London with high ranking officials in the House of Commons and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). ICV discussed the issue and the road traveled in passing historic United States legislation which starts to address the needs and protection citizens deserve.


In addition, ICV members met with officials of the EU on May 22nd in Brussels to start the process of informing them of the work of ICV and the need to start a similar process there.


During our calls in London, Victims Support of the UK was at our side supporting our efforts. Below are pictures in front of the IMO and the House of Commons. Anne Coughlan of VS-UK joined with us as did Phil Gerson, an attorney and supporter of ICV.

0530image006.jpg 0530image007.jpg 0530image008.jpg




The tragic loss of Rebecca Coriam of the UK and the major efforts of her parents, Mike and Ann, to take action, has been most significant in raising the awareness of this issue in the UK and EU. Mary Hudson, cousin of Mike Coriam, hosted a gathering in her home that we might all sit down and meet with one another. What is unique about this family is their support of this effort in a major way.


Below you will see the ICV group including Anne Coughlan of VS-UK, Jamie Barnett, Laurie Dishman, Mary Weber, Mike and Ann Coriam and Ken Carver.


0530image009.jpg 0530image010.jpg


Cruise Line Updates


Over the past couple of years, the cruise lines have been moving their ships to Europe to try and increase their market outside of the United States. Apparently this is not working as it was just announced that Royal Caribbean is removing three of their 12 ships (25%) out of this market.


In addition, the press continues to show the public the dangers involved in cruising.  Inside Edition recently aired a segment which highlighted the issue of uncontrolled drinking.  This can be seen at the following link:



The goal of ICV is to move forward throughout the world by sharing the need for regulations of this industry.



Kendall Carver, Chairman                                           Jamie Barnett, President


        602-852-5896                                                               818-355-6462










International Cruise Victims, Association, Inc | 704 228th Ave NE - PMB 525 | Sammamish | WA | 98074

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