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ICV Update - March 5, 2012






SAMMAMISH, WASHINGTON The International Cruise Victims Association, Inc. (ICV), a not-for-profit corporation formed by victims and families of victims of cruise crimes, has been the voice promoting safety on cruise ships.


This past week, ICV members again traveled at their own expense to Washington to attend hearings on the cruise line industry in both the House and Senate.


These hearings were triggered by the tragic events of the Costa Concordia, and ICV was there to join with and show our support for those victims.  ICV members actually brought some of these victims to Washington so they could attend these hearings. 

Sadly, many of the stories were alarmingly similar  each recounting how they were told that it was just a generator problem and that they should go to their roomsall this as the ship was sinking. At no time were they told to abandon the ship.  Everyone was on their own. The victims actual testimony at the House hearing can be heard at the following link:


Highlights of the House hearing included the following:


 1. The cruise lines attempted to blame the entire tragedy on the rogue and independent action of one person: the Captain, instead of taking responsibility themselves. 

 2.  Clear evidence that the crew of the ship was not prepared.


There is clearly a culture that has allowed this to happen.  First of all, it is reported that the Captain had drinks for dinner, was carrying on an affair with a 25-year-old woman. Traces of cocaine were even found in his hair.  Clearly the culture on this ship was out of control. There is an amazing article posted on the ICV website titled, Sex and Drugs 'Rife' on Costa Cruise Ships." Read more at the following link:


Is this the exception??  According to data obtained from a court case, 68% of all sexual crimes on passengers were committed by crew members. An additional 10% was committed on crew members by other crew members.


In the Senate hearing, Chairman Rockefeller raised questions concerning the pollution that cruise ships discharge.  In addition, he indicated that over 22 agencies of the U.S. Government provide services to the cruise lines, and yet they pay NO federal taxes and no compensation for these services.


He then asked the industry if that was appropriate since they had earned over $11 billion in income during the past five years.  The Chairman then indicated that he wanted the tax returns for all of the cruise lines.  If they were not voluntarily given to him, he would use the subpoena power he has to obtain them.


Three weeks before, ICV members traveled to Washington to meet with FBI and Coast Guard officials.  And for the first time, this meeting with the FBI was at their own expense since they had not responded to letters asking for information, failed to respond to FOIA requests by ICV, and would not agree to a conference call to discuss these concerns.  I would like to say that everything was resolved but that was not the case.  The same was true for the Coast Guard meeting.


In a television news interview which aired in San Diego and Los Angeles earlier this month, the following was indicated:


The head of San Diego's FBI office told News 8, "nationwide, his agency investigates about 50 crimes nationally onboard cruise ships per year. "You're talking about a pleasure vacation-type activity that usually does not lend itself to crime. So the numbers are fairly low," said Special Agent in Charge, Keith Slotter. "Most crimes that occur onboard a cruise ship on a four, five, or seven-day cruise are going to be investigated by the security staff onboard, as it should be," Slotter said."


Clearly, the statement made by Special Agent in Charge, Keith Slotter, is not the way it should be, but shows the attitude of those who should be following up in line with the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act.  ICV found his response incredible, but it shows the mind-set that we are dealing with even though the law has been put in place.


This interview is posted as of February 9th titled Fallbrook Mother of Lost Passenger Questions Cruise Ship Safety.


The link to that article is:


The world is starting to watch and beginning to realize that the ICV mission is not just in the minds of a few victims, but rather something much larger. This is the story of a small group of victims taking an out-of-control, insulated industry to task. An industry that can no longer hide from the public their blatant non-compliance with laws and regulations that should be applied.


This is told in a story coming from Dateline in Australia.  Please take 16 minutes to view this excellent presentation of many of the issues.  Several ICV members participated in this show.


Our work is just beginning and the world is taking notice.



Kendall Carver, Chairman              Jamie Barnett, President         

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