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ICV Update - January 30, 2012



ICV Update - A Voice for the Victims


SAMMAMISH, WASHINGTON The International Cruise Victims Association, Inc. (ICV), a not for profit corporation formed by victims and families of victims of cruise crimes, has been the voice promoting safety on cruise ships.  Especially with the tragic events concerning the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, this voice is being heard around the world.




ICV wishes to extend prayers and condolences to the passengers of the Costa Concordia. Our members who have also suffered the loss of family members and/or have been victims of crime, feel this pain deeply since we have also experienced what these passengers and family members are experiencing from the cruise industry.  They have avoided proper regulations by placing and flagging their ships in various countries, building close relationships with the regulators and then placing their corporations in such countries as Panama and Liberia to avoid taxes, work standards, etc. 




Unfortunately, despite the cruise industry claims, tragic events on cruise vacations are not extremely rare and when they do occur, ICV simply wants those responsible to be held accountable.  We have experienced, first hand,  the cover-up of many of these cases.   It was just six years ago that four families joined together to take on an industry that for too long has put profits ahead of accountability for their actions.  We are now recognized around the world as that voice. As a result, over the past few weeks the media has turned to ICV to provide information about this industry. 




ICV members have taken on an industry that has significant resources to maintain  the status quo.  What lessons have been learned?




* The cruise lines have clearly developed close relationships over the years with those in charge of regulating them.  This would include the IMO and various other enforcement agencies.  




* On a worldwide basis, standards have been set by the International Maritime Authority (IMO), which is a division of the United Nations.  However, the enforcement has been left up to the various countries where the ships have been flagged. These countries are neither equipped nor motivated  to take the action necessary since this represents a business to these countries.  




In response, the IMO put out a Press Release which indicated the following:




The International Maritime Organization, through its Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu, said the IMO needs to "seriously consider the lessons to be learnt [from the accident] and, if necessary, re-reexamine the requirements on the safety of large passenger ships." 




As you know, ICV was instrumental in the passage of the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act.  And now, members of the Board of ICV will be meeting in Washington, yet again, in early February with both the FBI and the Coast Guard. 




We will discuss enforcement of the CVSSA by these agencies. We are hopeful that our conversations will be positive. However, we also fully recognize that there has been a close relationship between these agencies and the very industry they are to police.




ICV will not go away and will continue to press for proper regulations and enforcement.  



Kendall Carver, Chariman - (602)852-5896
Jamie Barnett, President - (818)355-6462

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