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Date: 01:04 PM May 11, 2011
May 11, 11 Murder on Board, Police Accuse Boyfriend - A Tribuna

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PF accuses boyfriend of bartender

Lyne Saints



After and four months, the inquiries of Polícia Federal (PF) had one year concluded that to bartender of the MSC Music Camilla Peixoto Flag, of 28 years, Souza Bicalho was assassinated by its Bruno boyfriend, waiter daembarcação. The types of wounds identified in the neck of the young indicate that the death was provoked by strangulation with the hands.

The former-member of the crew of the ship of cruises was found deceased in the interior of the cabin that divided with the friend, in day 10 of January of the last year. The PF worked with two hypotheses: suicide or homicide. The possibility of Camilla to have taken off the proper life was raised Bruno after to guarantee that the young woman would have if hanged with a sheet moored in the pipe of the air-conditional one.

The waiter the same kept speech in the five depositions given to the PF, also, during the second reconstitution of the crime, carried through on board, in which he was present.

For the commission agent of the responsible PF of Saints for the case, Sandro Pataro, the declarations of Bruno had finished helping in the inquiries, since only two possibilities had been investigated since that the Federal Policy was communicated on the death: It would have killed it to Bruno or it would have if hanged with a sheet, as it affirmed its boyfriend, the first one to find it deceased. When discarding, by means of indications of tests and findings, that to bartender a sheet did not use to commit suicide, the police authority was vain who if dealt with a homicide.

All them to seem technician and doctors arrive at the conclusion of that the body never was hung and the wounds in the neck of it had not been made by a sheet. Then, why Bruno would create a history exactly on a presumption hanging for sheet to justify the death of the friend, if it was not involved in the situation? , questioned the commission agent, who although cautious always skeptic ahead of the contradictions observed in the declarations of the boyfriend of Camilla revealed.


The Policy if recently convinced of that the young exactly was after assassinated to receive to seem technician-scientific of Instituto Médico Legal (IML) of Saints and an appraised doctor-legal expert, of Rio De Janeiro, contracted for the lawyers of the family of Camilla. The materials had been essential to complement the first findings directed to the PF.

Both them to seem had been well similar in its conclusions. What it came of Rio De Janeiro is a little more clearly in its affirmations, is more incisive when saying that it did not have suicide. It affirms that the wounds in the neck of the Camilla could not nor be called ridges, which possesss a well different tracing of what he was detected in the neck of Camilla. Those coriativos wounds more correctly would be classified as rastroses, typical wounds of strangulation with the hands , detached.

Jáo to seem the same of the IML, elaborated for responsible doctor for the autopsy of the body of Camilla, was made on the basis of questionings of the commission agent, related to the types of wounds, coloration, among others information. The intention of the PF was to make a distinguishing diagnosis between homicide and suicide. In this in case that, some answers of the IML had been substantial so that the commission agent took off its doubts.

Bruno, in the reconstitution of the crime, alleges that the knot was in the front, therefore would have wounds in the part of low of the chin of Camilla. We search in literature, we verify querealmente exist well rare cases of hanging with knot in the front. But, if the knot was in the front, the weight all would go for the nape of the neck, then we ask what it could be said on this, since Camilla did not have no mark of the way neck stops it backwards .

According to Pataro, the IML affirmed that is possible to conclude that the injuries do not correspond what comumente we observe in hanging cases (suicide) .

Already to the being questioned on posicionamentodo knot of the sheet, the IML reiterated: Mantemos our certainties, the produced injuries are atypical, do not seem hanging. In them it seems plus an injury of cervical constriction with posterior support of the head, which would correspond to the images of the body .

One of them to seem técnicocientíficos received for the PF presents illustrations of some possibilities of strangulation. One of them called the attention the commission agent. In the related figure, the aggressor would take a position as that seated on the belly of the victim, making it difficult the escape, having still the possibility of the arms of the victim to be imprisoned for the knees of the aggressor.

Any attempt of defense would be still more difficult. E, also, could be generated attrition enters the shoes of the aggressor and the hands of the victim, what would explain the wounds at the hands of bartender.

On the force applied in the body of Camilla, the aiming presented for the IML also called the attention the PF, a time that tended to the horizontalização, that is, was of front stops backwards. If the body was hung, the force would have to pull the neck for top, but them to seem technician affirm that the force was tending to the horizontalização . This simple constatação already disassembles the majority of the narratives of Bruno, of that the body was hung, strengthening allegations of other witnesses, which really they declare not to have seen no sheet hung in the ceiling , it guaranteed the commission agent.


Beyond the order of new seeming, the long process of inquiry of the Federal Policy counted on depositions of friends of Camilla and Bruno, made on board Music, whenever it was brought alongside in the Port of Saints. Also it had analysis of listings with register of access to the cabin of the couple and the phone calls made in the room and the bar where they worked, beyond perícias diverse findings and, as much of the place of the crime, as of the presumption sheet mentioned for the boyfriend of the young.

In summary, Camilla died, as them to seem technician received, due to a wound in the neck caused for action of on account outrem, that we believe to have been the Bruno, of all the evidences that
they consist in files of legal documents , finished. With the end of the inquiry, commission agent Sandro Pataro sent umacarta mandamus to the PF of Divinópolis (MG) city where would live the youngster so that the formal indiciamento of the defendant was made. Although Bruno not to have been joined in the address supplied to the PF of Saints, the same was contacted by telephone and appeared for the indiciamento.

The last step of the PF will be to conclude and to direct the final report to the Federal Public prosecution service, that will analyze the material and will give continuity to the process.

Questioned on the responsibility of the MSC Cruises on the crime, Pataro affirmed that in the criminal sphere, the company does not have direct relation comos occurred facts. does not have no type of imputation to the company.

Already the MSC reiterated that it will have only to be pronounced when she will be officially informed on the result of the inquiries.

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